Nurture the Seed of Spirituality

November 21, 2020

In his webcast today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj expounded on the need for sustained effort and a ruling passion in order to succeed on the spiritual path. He described the key ingredients that are needed for the seed of spirituality to sprout and bear fruit.

It is a human tendency to expect overnight success in our spiritual endeavors, the spiritual Master said. Like any other pursuit, spirituality requires consistency in effort and patience if it is to bear fruit.

Relating an interesting anecdote, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji illustrated how sustained effort can reap bounties beyond imagination. To harvest spiritual riches requires the fertile foundation of ethical virtues, the nourishing waters of God’s love, and the air of God’s grace—while we nurture the seed of spirituality with the Light of God through regular and daily meditation.

An ethical life of love, compassion, nonviolence, humility, truthfulness, and selfless service provides the foundation our soul needs to embark on the inner journey. Like the air around us, unseen but present, God’s love and grace are always with us and can be experienced as our faith in God strengthens. Further, contact with the inner Light of God through daily meditation nourishes and strengthens our soul as it gravitates toward its Source.