Prepare the Soul for the Journey Godward

March 21, 2021

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj commenced his Global Meditation in Place discourse today by wishing all a Happy Spring. Speaking of springtime’s beauty, he explained how this existence in the human body is the springtime for our soul, a time when all the gateways open for our soul to enjoy God’s presence.

It is a rare and golden opportunity, and it is up to us to make the most of it. The spiritual Master put life into perspective, pointing out that when we leave this physical world, we will take none of our monetary gains, property, or possessions with us that we spent our time amassing. Now is the time to prepare our soul so that it can take steps to know God.

To prepare our soul for its journey Godward, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said we need to experience its inner qualities of love, nonviolence, oneness, humility, compassion, and service. We need to introspect and remove the dirt and grime that shroud our soul. Through meditation, these impediments can be removed as our soul connects with the cleansing waters of God’s love and Light. As the soul is cleansed, we find that every other aspect of our life will be lived in a manner in which we are preparing to meet God.