Serve Each Other Selflessly

February 28, 2021

Addressing the large online audience gathered for the 43rd Global Meditation in Place today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of a core tenet on the path of spirituality—selfless service. Commenting on how almost a year has passed since the world was hit with a global pandemic, the spiritual Master highlighted the tireless, heroic, and courageous efforts of frontline workers everywhere. They put their lives on the line and gave of themselves to help and serve those impacted by the virus. Many others also helped by alleviating the burdens experienced by people during this difficult time. They all served selflessly to meet the needs of the times, he said.

The spiritual Master said that when we serve selflessly, we do so without expecting any reward or recognition for ourselves. We help out of an innate desire to make someone’s life better, not for the recognition it brings. If we seek name and fame in exchange for our service, then we are not serving selflessly.

We as human beings have been sent to this world to help each other, and we all have the same purpose—to know ourselves and find our way back to God. We need to help each other as we work toward realizing this purpose. This change in how we live our lives will come about only when we experience our connection with everyone else. When, through meditation, we realize ourselves as soul, we also realize our connection with God and experience God’s presence in our lives. With this comes the understanding that God also exists in everyone else and that we are all connected through God’s love. It is then that we open our hearts to everyone and seek to help each other selflessly.