Set Your Sights on God

June 30, 2024

Speaking at the large Delta Hotels Toronto Airport Conference Centre, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj called on the international audience to understand the reality of this human existence. He explained that while spending our lives trying to understand and excel in the material world we live in, we allow the ebbs and flows of life to get the better of us. Caught up in this material play, we miss a golden opportunity for our soul to find its way back to God, our soul’s true Home. The spiritual Master said that to make the most of this opportunity, we must first embrace our true identity as soul, as a part of God. This realization dawns on us when we embark on the inner spiritual journey. For this, we must withdraw our attention from the illusionary outer world and focus it on the inner spiritual worlds through the process of meditation.

As we embark on the journey within, we connect with God’s love and Light and awaken to our true essence. Once we have a direct experience of God’s love, we realize God’s constant presence in our lives. This experience dispels all sorrow and pain, just as the Light dispels darkness. Worry and fear evaporate from our lives, and we learn to face the ups and downs of life with calm, peace, and equipoise, knowing that God is always holding our hand.