The Crown Jewel of Our Existence

October 10, 2023

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj held spiritual programs in Ahmedabad, India, about 570 miles southwest of Delhi. On the first day there, at the Riverfront Event Center, his discourse focused on achieving God-realization. This goal, he said, is the crown jewel of this existence, and no material treasure or worldly accomplishment can rival it.

He explained that we are all given a name at birth, and this becomes our identity for the rest of our lives. This name, however, identifies our body while our true identity is our soul. Our soul is a part of God and is full of the love, Light, and bliss of God. We can experience this inner bliss and Light through meditation at the single eye, the gateway to inner spiritual regions.

Recalling Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj’s oft-repeated advice, “Be Good, Do Good, Be One,” Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said that developing ethical virtues is a prerequisite to our progress on the spiritual path. At present, we live in duality owing to the many divisions we have created for ourselves, which in turn is a result of our identification with our body and our desire to be different and better than others. Our goal is to be one with God and to realize our unity with God and God’s Creation. We need to see others as our own and as members of the same family of God. We should live a life of nonviolence, truthfulness, purity, humility, compassion, and love for all. We also need to spend time in selfless service so that others can benefit from what the Lord has given us and their difficulties are alleviated.

The spiritual Master said that we think too highly of ourselves and are proud of our knowledge, our worldly achievements and possessions, and our own body. No matter how high we think we have risen, we will all return to dust at the end of this lifetime. When we depart from the world, none of our worldly possessions will accompany us. Yet, we have limitless divine treasures within us and we can access them when we still our mind and body in meditation.