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The Importance of a Spiritual Master

June 13, 2020

In his Saturday discourse, broadcast live throughout the world today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj brought home the purpose for which we have been given this human existence.

Spirituality, he said, teaches us that we are born with a supreme purpose: to know ourselves as soul and to realize the union of our soul with God. The first step toward this goal is to understand who we are. Unless and until we do so, we cannot move toward our destination.

Throughout our lives, said the spiritual Master, we are dependent on others to teach us the way of life. This is true even in the spiritual arena. To experience God and to make progress toward our goal, it is critical that we find a spiritual adept who has unraveled the mystery of life and who can guide us on the inner spiritual journey that leads us to our goal. With the guidance of a spiritual Master, we can learn a technique of meditation that enables us to journey into the inner realms to experience God’s love for ourselves.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said this divine love reaches the depths of our hearts, and all pain, suffering, and hurt dissipate. Tapping into God’s limitless Ocean of Love, we are filled with joy, bliss, and happiness. As we experience God, our faith in God strengthens, and we awaken to the level of our soul. Gradually, our angle of vision changes, and we begin to see the oneness of God’s creation.