SOS Global

The Key to Lasting Happiness

June 14, 2020

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj presided over the tenth Global Meditation in Place—an online event that has created the forum for tens of thousands around the world to come together to uplift humanity by meditating together during this time. Living at the level of our physical senses, he said, we are looking for lasting happiness in this ephemeral outer world. We erroneously believe that we are the body and the mind, when in reality, we are the soul; a part of God that is filled with the love and Light of God. As long as we do not realize our true self and the innate qualities of the soul, and as long as the soul remains separated from its Source, we will continue to experience pain, and lasting happiness will seem unattainable.

The key to finding true happiness, said the spiritual Master, is to take our attention away from this fleeting outer world and to focus it on experiencing God’s love within. God is everlasting and connecting to that which is everlasting will yield eternal happiness. As we experience God for ourselves, our faith in God is strengthened. With faith comes the conviction that everything that happens in our lives is under God’s Will, and, knowing this, will help us to navigate all the challenges in life. Further, the experience of God’s love awakens us to the true nature of our soul and to the realization that we are not separate from each other—we are all one, and the same Light of God shines in each of us. Gradually, the many walls and barriers that we have built around us disappear, and we begin to embrace one and all.