The Path Back to God

July 27, 2020

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke on the significance of Spiritual Masters’ Day—a day instituted by Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj on July 27, 1980, to celebrate and honor all spiritual Masters who have come to guide us back to God. They all come to remind us, he said, that there is a supreme purpose to our lives.

Spiritual Masters tell us that our soul has been separated from God, its Source, for eons and has forgotten its own identity. This human birth is the soul’s opportunity to realize its true nature and to realize God. To achieve this purpose, we need to look beyond the physical world we live in. Everything that we need to achieve life’s purpose and to experience lasting happiness can be found within. By teaching us the technique of meditation, a spiritual Master helps us embark on the inner journey wherein our soul experiences the love, Light, and bliss of God. Connection with the divine Power of God nourishes the once-withered soul, which begins to blossom. It is then that we tap into the soul’s inner wisdom and develop right understanding of our human existence.

Sant Rajnder Singh Ji said that right understanding leads to right thoughts, which in turn lead to right words and right deeds—thus helping us lead our lives in the manner in which they should be led. It all begins as we focus our attention on God, through meditation. Gradually, as a wave merges in the sea, as a ray of light merges back in the sun, the small light of our soul merges joyously in the divine Light, concluding its long story of separation from its Source.