The Priceless Treasure of Our Human Life

April 10, 2021

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of the immeasurable value of this human existence. He emphasized the importance of realizing our true purpose in life and doing all we can to fulfill it. Many of us go through life not knowing where we are headed or how we should lead our lives. This life, he said, is a priceless treasure given to us by God. We should not waste it in the mere pursuit of worldly gains. It has been given to us so that we can realize who we really are and find our way back to God.

The spiritual Master said our lives should be led in such a way that we are imbued in the colors of God’s love, not in the colors of the world. To be receptive to God’s love, we need to live ethically and inculcate the virtues of love, nonviolence, compassion, truthfulness, and humility. We need to serve each other selflessly and embrace a life of unity.

God resides in all living forms—humans, animals, birds, reptiles, fish, and trees. Yet we fail at the level of our physical senses to see our innate oneness and connectedness. We fail to see God in them. However, when we learn the technique of meditation, our angle of vision shifts. We transcend the physical senses so that we experience the light within us, and we begin to recognize God’s light within all creatures.

Connecting with the inner light of God through meditation, we are transformed. We awaken to the priceless treasure of this human existence and make haste toward life’s goal.