The Transformative Power of Kindness

March 6, 2021

In his web broadcast today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of the power of kindness. We give and receive many gifts and presents during our lifetime, he said. These gifts are material objects that might be useful for a while but don’t last forever. He explained how we can have a transformative effect on others when we offer the gift of kindness with a full heart.

All faiths speak of the Golden Rule–to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Meeting others with a smile, speaking lovingly, and appreciating someone’s success may all seem like small acts of kindness. Yet, these go a long way in making others happy and rendering our environment calm and harmonious. These acts help us win the hearts of others, said the spiritual Master, as he reminded us to live our lives in service to others.

We are here to love God and to distribute God’s love to all we meet. We can only spread love when we have experienced God’s love, and this comes through meditation. By taking our attention away from the world outside and focusing it within, we experience the inner Light of God. Connecting with this Light, we are imbued with divine love that radiates from us.

Reminding us that “those who love are the ones who find God,” Sant Rajinder Singh Ji emphasized that our life will be transformed when we live for others and distribute kindness. With regular meditation and by leading an ethical life, progress on the spiritual path comes in leaps and bounds, taking us to our goal of merging our soul with God.