SOS Global

 We Are Here to Love and Serve Each Other

July 4, 2020

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj reminded us of our interconnectedness as one family of God. Everything and everyone is connected, he said. God’s creation is perfect, and every life form has a purpose. We were all brought here to be of service to each other, to love each other, and to help each other.  In nature, we see how various life forms have served humanity: plants give of their medicinal properties to heal, birds have inspired air travel, and sea creatures have shown us how to navigate the deep seas.

God created us to help each other in our earthly sojourn, and to live harmoniously and peacefully with each other, said the spiritual Master. Nobody is an island, and it is our responsibility to be of service to all God’s creatures, for we are all interrelated, interconnected, and interdependent.

It is the ego that causes us to believe that we are separate and different from everyone else, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said. For as long as we believe that we are the outer form, there will be separation and disharmony. It is when we experience ourselves in our spiritual state that we realize our connectedness to God and to God’s creation. This happens as we go within through meditation. As we experience God’s love in meditation, we realize that God is within us, and with us, always. In the face of life’s difficulties, we no longer feel alone, and all fear is dispelled. It is then that we begin to live life harmoniously and peacefully, such that joy and happiness fill our lives.