Celebrating the Inner Journey

September 19, 2020

Tens of thousands around the world tuned in today for Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s web broadcast “Celebrating the Inner Journey.” Today’s is the first day of a special two-day online program celebrating the spiritual Master’s 74th birth anniversary.

We all celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other major milestones, he said. These celebrations help us cherish the moment, or relive the times that brought us great joy. Along with these worldly experiences, that bring us moments of joy, we should also celebrate the inner journey, which brings us lasting joy. The inner journey is the voyage that our soul embarks on to merge back in God.

We are all droplets of the great Ocean of God, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said. Our soul, which originated from God, has been separated from its Source for eons. God loves us tremendously and has granted us this human existence so that we can find our way back to God. The spiritual worlds that we experience on the inner journey are conscious, and filled with love, Light, and bliss. When we enter these worlds within, we connect with the Light of God. As this happens, we are awakened, and our lives become illuminated with God’s love.

Where there is love, there is happiness, and thus, imbued with God’s lasting love, we become joyous and experience lasting happiness that cannot be attained from anything of this outer world. Contentment takes over, and we lead our lives free of all fears. Worries cease, and turmoil evaporates. All sense of duality vanishes, and we embrace our oneness, because love knows only unity and oneness. It all begins with focusing our attention within through meditation.