Invest in God: Spiritual Discourse at International Meditation Center

December 24, 2018

This afternoon in Lisle, Illinois, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of how when we wisely invest our capital—the time that we have been given in this world—in God, we are making a true investment, one whose rewards are tremendous.

This investment brings with it a sweetness that cannot be found in any objects of this world, and it is one that lasts. Investing our time in God, he explained, means that we focus our attention in the right direction and use our time to fulfill the sole purpose for which we have come into this world: to realize ourselves and to realize God. We do so through meditation. As we focus our attention within, we commune with the Divine Power that brought all creation into being. It is then that our soul recognizes God and is consumed with unimaginable love, joy, and happiness.

With this spiritual awakening, our love for God intensifies, leading to a transformation from within. We become imbued with the love of God, shedding the layers of mind, matter, and illusion that cover our soul. Our attention shifts from the world outside and we begin to utilize the mechanism of meditation. With the help and guidance of a spiritual adept, we unravel the mysteries of life and death and help our soul find its way back to God. Thus, through meditation and constant remembrance of God, we make the best use of this golden opportunity, ensuring our soul’s safe passage Homeward. Along with this comes the guarantee that we will not depart this world empty-handed, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji concluded.