Living a Life of Positive Mysticism

February 13, 2023

During his February 13th program at Kirpal Bagh in Delhi, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj advised that the path to God requires a life of positive mysticism. The spiritual path does not ask that we renounce our obligations and retreat from the world. Instead, on the journey Godward, we need to seek God while also fulfilling our worldly responsibilities. We should live a life of love, truthfulness, nonviolence, humility, and service to others.

Through daily meditation, we begin to realize our life’s true purpose, and we develop an understanding of the choices we should make. When our understanding is correct and clear, nothing in the outer world can derail us.

Once we seek to lead a life of positive mysticism focused on God, others may scrutinize our lifestyle and daily activities. Yet we should remain steadfast on our path Godward and not be deterred.