Make the Best Use of Life’s Breaths

October 4, 2020

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj presided over the 22nd Global Meditation in Place event today—an online forum that allows people around the world to listen to the words of the spiritual Master, to sit in meditation, and to be uplifted as the global community navigates the pandemic.

Today, the discourse focused on our most precious possession in this life: our breaths. As we go about our lives, we are very diligent about many material aspects of life, spending hours organizing our finances, amassing possessions, and focusing on things that are important to us in the different phases of life that we pass through. Yet, very few among us pay attention to how we use our breaths. Our lives are limited, and the number of breaths determines our lifespan. It is up to us to use our breaths in the best possible manner so that we can achieve that which we have been sent to this world to attain.

This human birth is a golden opportunity, said Sant Rajinder Singh Ji, and we are here with a supreme purpose: to recognize ourselves as soul, and to realize God. To make the best use of our life’s breaths, he explained, we need to go within and experience the divine treasures that await us; we need to experience God’s love. The journey within is made possible through meditation. In meditation, we take our attention away from the physical senses and the outer world, and we journey into the inner spiritual worlds where we can experience ourself as soul. As we focus our life’s breaths on this supreme goal and are diligent in our efforts to meditate daily and to lead ethical lives, we take steady steps toward attaining life’s true purpose.