Awakening to the Oneness of Life

November 6, 2021

During these current times, we have seen how a global pandemic has separated families, friends, and loved ones as we try to keep each other safe from harm. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj began his discourse today, drawing on this painful state of separation, to remind us of yet another state of separation in our lives: the separation of our soul from its source, God.

The soul, which is our true essence, is a part of God, he explained. It was separated from God eons ago. Encased in this human body, it yearns to know itself and find its way back to God. When our yearning to be with God is sincere, God brings us to a spiritual adept.

A spiritual Master teaches us the technique of meditation, the process through which we can withdraw our attention from the outer world and focus it on the inner worlds. As we experience these spiritual worlds, our love for God is awakened. This love brings about a transformation in our lives. We awaken to the oneness of all life and a new kind of sensitivity develops within us that impels us to be of service to each other so we can bring comfort and joy to the lives of others.