The Inner Compass: A Talk by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

January 12, 2020

In a beautifully illustrative discourse, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj helped us all begin the year on the right note by reminding us of the true purpose for which we are all here, and the priorities that we need to set in life and in the year ahead.

Living at the level of the physical senses, he said, we think of ourselves as the body. We have grown to believe that the purpose of this life is to amass wealth, fame, and possessions. Accordingly, we entangle ourselves in activities that help us achieve these material goals, because we relate our happiness with them.

In reality, said the spiritual Master, our real self is the soul. This life, with its limited lifespan, has been given to us to realize this truth and to embark on the spiritual journey to connect with God and find our soul’s union with God—the supreme goal of this human existence. It is up to us to make wise use of the limited time we have to fulfill our purpose.

The spiritual Master emphasized this through an instructive anecdote:

We have each been given all the faculties we need to embark on the spiritual journey. This includes an inner compass. Just as the north star has guided the wayward traveler from the beginning of time, and just as the Global Positioning System (GPS) guides our way in today’s physical world, the spiritual arena—which covers the vast worlds within—also has a guiding system. It is God’s Positioning System, he said. Similar to the earthly GPS that uses information collected by satellites in space, this divine navigation system uses sensors made of light and sound—the inner Light and Sound of God.

God’s Positioning System, which has been placed by God within each and every person in this world, guides us Godward. It is for us to connect with this divine navigation system so we can move closer and closer to God. The process of connecting with God’s Light and Sound is meditation. As we go within, with the help and guidance of a spiritual adept, we are led to our goal step by step, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said.