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Love is the Cornerstone of Our Lives

September 8, 2019

This Sunday, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj reminded us that our life is not haphazard. We are all here for a great purpose, and that purpose is to find our way back to God.

We can all get there; it is only a question of where we focus our attention. He said if we can learn to steer away from the distractions of this illusionary world and focus our attention on the inner worlds that await us, we will surely achieve the goal before us. As we explore the inner worlds through meditation, we come to realize that love is the cornerstone of our lives and that we are, at our core, love.

When we experience God’s love more and more through meditation, we move closer and closer to God. This is what meditation is all about, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said. It is the process by which we experience the states of happiness and bliss that God wants us to experience.

Concluding his talk, the spiritual Master said to let go of the fears that burden us, knowing that God is always taking care of us. We should make the most of our precious time on earth so that we can find our way back to God, and it all begins with meditation.