What is the purpose of this life?

From the dawn of time, humanity has searched for answers to its existence. Who are we? Why are we here? Where did we come from? Where do we go to when we leave this world? What is the true purpose of life? These questions have occurred to individuals in every age, in every corner of the world.

At some point in our lives, having experienced a great calamity, lost a loved one, or having awakened to the fleeting nature of life in some other way, we question the meaning of our lives. The monotony of life, or, the challenges of life, seem to fade into the background as more significant questions loom over us.

We question if there is more to our existence than what meets the eye in this world of matter. We want to know the true purpose of life. These questions, and the pains we experience as they stir within us, are in fact the harbingers of a much larger phenomenon that is occurring within us: we are beginning to wake up.

It is when these questions begin to linger in the human heart that we open up to something much bigger than ourselves. We embark on what is known as the spiritual quest, in search of answers to life’s great mysteries, finding our true purpose in life.

It is important to recognize that this human existence has a purpose, that we are here to grow spiritually, to know God, and to merge back in God.

Our Lives Have Purpose

There is a purpose to our human lives. We are here to know ourselves, to know God, to love God, and to have love for all. We were sent here to realize our true nature as soul and to find our way back to God, the Source from whence we emanated. Living at the level of our physical senses, we take ourselves to be the physical body and mind. When we see ourselves in this manner, we say that we are a mind and body that “have a soul.” Thus, our activities all day long are focused on nurturing and providing for the body.

Whether we are aware of it or not, there is meaning to our life and all that happens to us. Whatever happens to us has a reason. If we could tap into our soul, we would see life as more than a string of meaningless events and would find a lesson and a message in all that occurs.

Has Anyone Proven That the Soul Exists?

Yes. Saints and spiritual Masters in all traditions have embarked on the journey to prove to themselves that the soul exists, that we are much more than the body, that there is a Higher Power at play in the Universe, and that there are worlds beyond this physical world. Under their guidance, millions around the world have achieved this realization and, in doing so, have cracked the code of the human existence. This process of discovering the spirit and of unraveling the mysteries of our existence is what is known as spirituality.

Understanding the Science of Spirituality

Spirituality is a practical science of discovering the spirit, of recognizing our true self, and having done so, of attaining the merger of the soul with God. Spirituality posits the existence of a Higher Power, and the charge before the spiritual aspirant is to prove this hypothesis to ourselves, as it is only through direct experience that we can embrace the truth. Once we have experience it for ourselves, there is no place for doubt. It is this direct experience of our true nature that awakens us and brings new meaning to our lives.

Spirituality is not an intellectual exercise, because intellectual answers to questions about the meaning of life and death do not satisfy anyone. The intellect helps us to be guided in the right direction, but the only answer that will satisfy us is practical experience.
Most people think that science and spirituality are totally opposite fields of studies, but I can speak from my experience in both areas that they are two sides of the same coin. To me, the aim of science is to uncover the deepest spiritual truths, and the aim of spirituality is the search for the cause behind scientific fact.

How Can We Experience Our Soul?

On the path of spirituality, the scientific experiment that we conduct to have a direct experience of our soul is meditation. It is the process by which we can prove, within the laboratory of our own body, that we are much more than this body and that there is higher purpose to our lives. Meditation is an exact science that is reproducible, time and time again. If the technique is followed accurately and mastered, it is sure to yield results.

Currently, our attention, which is in fact the outer expression of our soul, is scattered and focused on the outer world. SOS Meditation, or the meditation on the Inner Light of God, is the means by which we still our body and mind and invert our attention from the outer world to focus it within ourselves. We connect with the Light of God, a divine current emanating from God that reverberated within every human being. Contact with this current leads the soul back to God. SOS Meditation teaches us to focus our attention at the gateway we all possess to the inner spiritual regions – the third or single eye, that sits between and behind the eyebrows.

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The way to travel on the spiritual path prescribed by all saints and mystics is through meditation. Meditation as taught in the Science of Spirituality is simple and can be practiced by people with no prior experience. We need to realize the Light within us. It is like having a light bulb. If you put four or five sheaths over it, pretty soon you will not see the light from the bulb. So, this process of concentration, this process of meditation, is one by which we try to remove these sheaths one by one. We try to go within so that we can see the Light within us. Once we see how much illumination there is within, we will automatically want to see more and more of it.

How Meditation Helps in Discovering Your Purpose in Life?

Meditation, the process of concentrating within, can lead to personal transformation. As we stop focusing on the distractions of the outer world, still our body and mind, and focus our attention on the third eye, our soul begins to collect at this gateway to the inner spiritual regions. These regions, which exist concurrently with our physical world, are full of love, light, and bliss.

What travels into these regions is not our body, but our soul. Through meditation, we not only become conscious of our spiritual nature, but we also tap into the riches that lie within us. We experience a profound transformation that brings peace, happiness, and joy to our lives. As we experience our innate nature as love, we find the lasting love that we’ve been searching for. This love, God’s love, uplifts us and gives meaning to our lives. Experiencing God’s love in meditation awakens us to the soul’s yearning to go back Home, and this is how to find our true purpose in life.

On the spiritual journey, meditation is the experiment through which we can test the hypothesis of spirituality, and the human body serves as the laboratory for this sacred experiment.

Personal Transformation

When we come out of the meditative state, we become embodiments of the love that we experienced within. Fear, anxiety, loneliness, and insecurity evaporate. Instead, we become fearless. Imbued with God’s love, we become loving. We become filled with love for our fellow beings and for all living beings, because our heightened angle of vision allows us to see the divine in everyone. As we work toward our life’s goal, we find meaning along the way in being of service to our fellow beings, in shouldering the burdens of those around us, and in alleviating the pain of all living beings.

Life carries new meaning once we have become conscious of our soul and have found our true purpose in life. This transformation not only brings peace and joy to our lives, but can also contribute to a peaceful, loving world.