Personal Transformation Through Meditation

Learn how to find lasting joy and fulfillment through a simple and effective meditation technique.

This informative and relaxing FREE session will help you tap into the unlimited spiritual love and wisdom lying within us.

Add meditation to your daily schedule, and see for yourself the difference it makes in your life. 

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Personal Transformation Through Meditation

Science of Spirituality presents Personal Transformation Through Meditation workshop.

 Why is meditation so powerful?  Why is it so transformative?  

Unlimited spiritual love and wisdom lie within us. When we begin meditating, we can tap into this inner resource and experience our true nature. We begin to see life and everything around us from a new angle of vision. This is the most effective way to bring peace in the world, by becoming peaceful ourselves.

Join us for this workshop, “Personal Transformation through Meditation.” We will hone our meditation practice and discover how people throughout the ages have practiced meditation to grow spiritually.

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About Us

Science of Spirituality

Science of Spirituality is a worldwide, spiritual organization dedicated to transforming lives, under the guidance of renowned spiritual Master Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj.
Science of Spirituality presents spirituality as a science that can be practiced by people of all backgrounds and faiths.

Light lamp meditation Rajinder Singh
A short excerpt from a talk by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj on finding lasting peace, happiness,and bliss through meditation.

“Through meditation, we overcome life’s strains and discover the key to relaxation and tranquility.”

   Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

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The Secret to Harmonious Relationships

The Secret to Harmonious Relationships

People the world over have tried to crack the code to long lasting and harmonious relationships. Yet, if we know where to look, harmonious relationships are not far from our reach. As social beings living in this world, we continually seek harmonious relationships with those around us – our family, our loved ones, friends, co-workers and neighbors.

Building Bridges through Meditation

Building Bridges through Meditation

Great philosophers have said, “Know thyself.” This mandate should be the first thing we pursue as we come into this world. Our foremost purpose should be to discover who we are and what our purpose in life is. Are we a chicken or are we an eagle that can soar up in the sky as the king of the birds?

Meditation and Human Unity

Meditation and Human Unity

As we journey within through meditation, we realize that God is all Light. We realize that as soul we are also a ray of the same divine Light. We begin to see that the same Light of God which is within us is also in all other beings in creation.

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Learn to Meditate

Join us for a series of six FREE interactive workshops designed to help you deal with the stress and challenges of daily life. 

Spiritual Awareness

Whether you are an experience meditator or just a beginning, these series of six classes will strengthen your technique.

What people are saying


“I “lucked into” learning about this type of meditation and I’m so glad I did. One day I tagged along with a friend to a meeting, not knowing that it would include a short SOS meditation session. From that little start, I explored it more. I find it changes my whole day when I meditate in the morning, and if I meditate before sleep I wake up feeling lighter and more refreshed. I’m still a beginner but I love it!”

Jane D

“Meditation has had a tremendous benefit in the quality of my life. I work in a very stressful occupation that requires an ability to be mentally nimble and responsively creative. There is no doubt the meditation has been the key to my productivity and ultimately my enjoyment of life despite the daily challenges that present themselves.”

Ajili H

“SOS meditation has been my go-to coping mechanism. And even though I’m not particularly adept or anything, it has really helped me through some difficult and painful times.”

Acooba S

“Practicing meditation saves my life. I am a Silver Star, Purple Heart Vietnam veteran suffering post traumatic stress disorder. The calming word I use in meditation I also use to help me sleep peaceful, overcome anger and transcend daily stressors. What a gift.”

Malik H

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