Meditation and Human Unity

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

The benefits of meditation are manifold. Research shows that meditation enhances our physical and mental well-being; it reduces stress-related illnesses, strengthens our mental capabilities, and improves our relationships. The most important aspect of meditation, however, is its impact on our spiritual health.

Through connecting our soul with the inner Light and Sound of God, meditation nurtures our soul, and brings calm, love and peace into our lives. As a result, we become a source of tranquility and inspiration for those around us.


As we journey within through meditation, we realize that God is all Light. We realize that as soul we are also a ray of the same divine Light. We begin to see that the same Light of God which is within us is also in all other beings in creation.

We see the Light of God in all people. Divisions which separate us break down when we reach this state. We see for ourselves that we are all children of the one Creator, and, we develop love for each other. We no longer hurt others either in thought, word, or deed. Rather, we seek to help each other.

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Our love expands from our family to our neighbors, to our community, to our country, and then to all humanity.  Meditation has the power to bring us closer together at the level of the soul, and help us comprehend the universal oneness of all creation.

Thus, meditation also helps to bring about human unity on this planet. If we devote time to meditation for even a small part of each day, we will be helping ourselves reduce our stress, experience inner bliss, and bring about inner peace. Then it will not be long before we bring about unity and love between all souls. This will bring about the heaven on earth for which we all pray.

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