Bringing the Skills of Basketball
to Our Meditation Practice

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

As much of North America enjoys the college sports competition “March Madness” this month, let’s explore what meditation and basketball share in common. Moreover, how can the winning skills of basketball help us master the technique of meditation? Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj explains. 

Throughout the world, sports are popular activities. Many engage in sports such as baseball, football, basketball, golf, soccer, tennis, and cricket. All these sports have one thing in common. They all involve using some type of ball to score points to win. Sports are a popular pastime and millions of people put a lot of attention on hoping their favorite team or player wins.


Due to the highly competitive nature of sports, players have to commit their entire life to winning. They have to practice for long hours daily, keep in shape, and eat right. With all that they do, winning often boils down to one skill. That skill is: Keep your eye on the ball.

A Closer Look at Basketball

If we look at the game of basketball, the aim is to get the ball in the basket. The ball is moved from player to player until someone gets it in the basketball net. One must keep the eye on the ball so one can catch it as it is passed. One has to be able to shoot the ball into the basket while often running, moving, jostling, and being slammed by other players. Furthermore, the team that does not have the ball is always trying to steal the ball from the team that has it. Whether one is playing defense or offense in basketball, one must keep the eye on the ball. This skill of keeping the eye on the ball applies to all ball games – golf, baseball, soccer, and even cricket.

Our Goal in the Spiritual Field

The skill of keeping the eye on the ball also applies to us in the spiritual field, wherein our goal is to reunite the soul with God. In spirituality, we are to keep our spiritual eye on the ball, and the ball in spirituality is the ball of Light that appears to us within during meditation.

Meditation requires concentration. It means sitting with our body still, just as athletes have to position their body in such a way that they can connect with the ball. We have to connect with the inner ball, so our body must remain still or our concentration is disturbed.

To keep our spiritual eye on the ball of Light within, we also have to keep our mind still. Any thoughts cause ripples that disturb our spiritual eye from seeing the Light within.

With time, and regular practice, just as in basketball, we will find that we are able to concentrate better, and maintain our focus without losing sight of the ball in meditation.