God’s Game of Love

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

When we come into this physical life, we are gifted a certain number of breaths. These breaths correlate to a measure of time counted by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. This is our real capital. We may think that the most important pursuit of life is the financial exchange of making money and spending it. But when we look at the big picture, the most important pursuit of life is making the best use of the time we have been given. We are here to accumulate spiritual wealth. Instead, we have been caught up by the attractive and colorful sights of this world that we think will bring monetary gain. At the end of this life, we will find that we have worked for the wrong goal, and that we will leave this world with nothing.

Sant Rajinder Singh science spiritualityThe fact is clear that no matter what we do with our life, our life will end one day. If we choose to play the game of life by investing all our time in the acquisition of wealth and property, we will be forced to leave it all behind in the end. When our last breath is taken, we must hand over our bank account and properties to those we have left behind. It stays in this world, while our soul departs this world.

It is true, no doubt, that the world is based on an economic system in which we have to work to make a living to exchange it for the goods and services we need to take care of ourselves and our family. Spirituality does not require us to negate life and to live off others, but rather to earn our own honest livelihood. But we should seek a healthy balance. We need to take stock of our money and our land, but also we need to take stock of how we spend our time.

So how best can we use our time? If we know that this life is but a small part of our existence, and that as soul we have an existence that extended before this life and will extend beyond this life, then what is valued in the rest of our eternal existence?

The Commodity of Love

The commodity that is most valued in the realms beyond this world, to which we all will go, is spiritual love. The soul is measured not by our financial records, but by the amount of love we have radiated to others. Did we love God? Did we love our fellow beings? Did we love all creation? Love is translated into thoughts, words, and deeds that are expressed in kindness to others. It is expressed in how much we care about others. It is demonstrated by how much we give of ourselves to help or serve others.

Which Game Should We Play?

As children, a popular game has been “Monopoly,” in which one circles a game board through the throw of the dice. In this game, one lands on spaces with the names of properties. Players are given cash to spend, and they can buy the property with that cash. Then, they are able to build homes and hotels on that property, and charge rent each time another player lands on that spot. This game is quite long and children can spend hours engaged in it. It is so engaging they often forget about their homework or their other sports activities. This game of high finances or “Monopoly” is very similar to the game of the world, which has little to do with the true game of God.

God has another game going on. It is a game based on the law of love. It is a game in which God loves us and wants us to love God back. This love is not only between God and each created being. It is also having love for the entire family of God. God wants us to play the game of godly love.

What is God’s game of love? It is the game wherein we experience God’s love for ourselves, and radiate that love to all around us. God is an ocean of bliss and love. When we connect with God, we are bathed in that ecstasy. It is more enjoyable than any game of this world. It is a happiness far beyond any possible in this world. We can play God’s game of love through meditation, the process of taking our attention away from the world outside and focusing it within. It is through God’s Game of Love that we experience the riches that lay latent within us, which will bring us unfathomable joy, Light and bliss.

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