How to Attain
Spiritual Consciousness

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

On this great planet lie deep, vast oceans with their cool refreshing waters, their tranquil scenery, and their hidden mysteries. People often go to the seashore to bathe in these waters or gaze upon their beauty.

There is another ocean, far greater than the physical waters of this earth. It is an ocean that is far more permanent than the seas. It is an ocean that offers not only refreshing waters to bathe the body, but also refreshing waters to nourish the soul. It is the ocean of spiritual consciousness, of God, waiting to be tapped within each of us. It lies within, waiting to be discovered. It is there for everyone who seeks it.

Wuote on god consciousness Sant Rajinder SinghWhat is Spiritual Consciousness?

Before we discuss ways to tap into our spiritual consciousness, let us examine what it is. It is becoming conscious of the soul and God within us. Most of us are aware of our body, of the thoughts passing through our mind, and of the world around us. This is called body consciousness or physical consciousness. But we are more than our body and mind. We are actually a soul, a conscious entity which inhabits the body.

The soul is a part of God and is the power that enlivens the body. This consciousness at the level of soul, independent of our body and mind, is what is termed spiritual consciousness. When we tap into our spiritual consciousness, we experience the qualities of spiritual consciousness – all-consciousness, love, peace, unity, bliss and freedom from fear. Let us look at each of these.

Qualities of Spiritual Consciousness


Anyone who has experienced spiritual consciousness has spoken of coming in contact with divine love.  God is love, our soul being of the same essence as that of God is love, and the way back to God is through love. The ocean of spiritual consciousness is an ocean of love. It is hard for us to understand this, because we as human beings think of love in a limited and narrow sense.

The love we think of as love is but a reflection of a much higher love, a divine love. It is an all-embracing, fulfilling, satisfying love that pulls close to its heart all that exists. We are all swimming in God’s love but do not know it. It embraces each of us equally, and is an unconditional love that does not see our outer differences. We may lose the love of everyone in the world, but we are sustained by a much higher and more permanent love—the divine love of God embracing us from within.

When we tap into our spiritual consciousness, we not only experience love ourselves, but we expand in our own capacity to love others. Whereas now the list of people we love may be short, including only our spouse, partner, family members, and close friends, the list will grow to encompass every person in creation and even every living thing in creation.


Another aspect of spiritual consciousness is that of all-consciousness or wisdom. God is all-knowing, all-aware. God created all creation and is fully aware of everyone and everything.

If we want to get a small glimpse of how this is possible, we need only look to our primitive technology today. We think we are very advanced, but it is just a small beginning for what humanity will develop in the future. If we look at the Internet, we find that all information is available to us by logging onto different sites. The server that hosts all the sites is a storehouse of all the information on all the sites. By logging on we access all the information we want. God is like a giant server that hosts all our individual souls or websites. Thus, all knowledge about us is known to God. God is also able to simultaneously know what is happening to each of us at every second at the same time. When we tap into that spiritual consciousness and merge into the ocean of God, we too have access to all-consciousness.

Freedom from Fear

Another aspect of spiritual consciousness is freedom from fear. What is it that most of us fear the most? Most people fear death. They think of death as the end of their existence. Little do people realize that death is just a transition from this physical world to another realm of existence. It is only by raising our consciousness to a spiritual level that we discover that we exist at the level of the soul even without the physical body. This human body is but a covering over the soul. If we can raise our consciousness, we can discover our true identity. By attaining spiritual consciousness, we too can become fearless.


Peace is another characteristic of spiritual consciousness. In this world, we are faced with much turmoil, conflict, pain, disease, and suffering. Few live out life without passing through moments of stress and pain. But in the spiritual realms within, all is peace.

The reason we lack peace in this world is due to our ego and desires. The world offers countless temptations, distractions, and attractions. Our soul is overshadowed by our mind, which is attracted to the outer world. When it begins to desire things of this world that are temporary, it is headed for disappointment. Nothing material in this world is lasting. It is all transitory. Only the soul and God are eternal. The moment we pin our hopes on something perishable, we have set ourselves up for disappointment and pain when we lose it.

The only true peace is available when we rise to a level of spiritual consciousness. Then we enter a realm that knows no death, no suffering, and no pain. We find an eternal region of all joy and bliss. If we wish to experience true peace in our life, we need to look within ourselves. Peace begins within us.


quote benefit to meditation spiritual consciousness At our physical level, all we see are our physical differences. When we develop a spiritual consciousness, we experience that the same Light of God is within each person. We are all united at the level of soul.

When we reach that level of awareness, we start to see all living beings as one big family of the Creator. We no longer differentiate between people based on outer form and custom. We recognize that there is beauty in diversity. We start treating all people with love and respect, because we know at their very core is the same essence of which we are made.


Bliss is also a characteristic of spiritual consciousness. It is a state of pure ecstasy and joy. If we think of the greatest happiness we can experience in this world, it is only a fraction of the joy we experience when we merge in the ocean of spiritual consciousness. There are no adequate words to describe the bliss. We can only imagine at our level what it is like to multiply our greatest bliss by a million-fold.

Total bliss is ours when we enter into a state of spiritual consciousness. We also bring that bliss when our attention returns to physical consciousness. Thus, it is possible to pass through times of trials and tribulations at the physical level, while the soul is experiencing bliss within. It is like a potter who shapes clay. From the outside, the clay pot may be beaten and shaped by the potter, but the potter supports the pot with his or her hand from within. Similarly, the bliss we experience from merging with the ocean of spiritual consciousness stays with us to withstand the stormy seas of life.

How to Attain Spiritual Consciousness

We can attain spiritual consciousness by focusing our attention within through a process called meditation. Through meditation, we contact our true nature, our soul, and discover it is one with God, the Source of divine love. Then we will find all the treasures of divinity available to us. We will gain all-consciousness. We will find ourselves free from fear. We will attain a sense of unity with all love. We will experience peace and bliss.

Just as the ocean has been there for people of all ages, so is the spiritual ocean of love lying in wait for us within.  Meditation is the first step.

Learn more about Meditation on the Inner Light and Sound of God. This meditation technique is available to all those who wish to learn it. It is a free gift of God like air and sunlight. It can be practiced as a science–– in which we can experiment in the laboratory of our own body.

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