God Sees All

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

If we think about our interactions with others during the day, we may find that we behave differently when we think we are being observed. It is human nature; we are on our best behavior when we think our employer, superiors, neighbors, friends or others whom we want to impress are watching us. In wanting others to think better of us, we even go as far as to hide any flaws we might possess.

Our Life is an Open Book

Whether we realize it or not, we are always being watched. By God. Few people go through life conscious of the fact that God is always with us. What we hide from others is an open book to God, as God is All Knowing.  What if we knew that God was watching? Would we lead more virtuous lives? Would we be kinder and more loving to others?

People wonder, “Where is God?” Spiritual Masters and saints teach us that God is within us. Wherever we are and whatever we do, God sees all. God is the Power that enlivens us. Our body, made of earthly elements of matter, is not our true self.

The power that moves the body is the Power of God. The portion of that Power allocated to inhabit our body is our soul. Our soul is thus a drop of the infinite Power of God. As a part of God, anything that the soul experiences through our thoughts, words and deeds is known to God.

The Network of God’s Creation

To begin to comprehend this reality, let us take the example of a computer network. The master computer is linked up with all the individual computers in the network.

The operator of the master computer can know what is going on with each individual computer simultaneously. Individual operators may or may not be aware that the operator of the master computer has access to their computers and knows what they are up to. If they knew someone had access to their computer, they would be more cognizant of their work.

Likewise, God is the Master operator of the network of creation and our souls are the individual computers. Everything we think, say, and do is known to God. If we were aware that God hears our thoughts and words, and watches our deeds, imagine how quickly our behaviors would improve. We would be extremely careful to avoid lapses in the ethical virtues of nonviolence, truthfulness, and humility; we would always act in a positive way. Gradually, we would weed out the failures and flaws that keep us from progressing spiritually, and our lives would be transformed.

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