A Blueprint for Excellence
on the Spiritual Journey

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

During the Olympics, competitions are held in many sports to find out who should earn the gold medal. Everyone wants to go for the gold to show they are the best in the world. What sets apart a gold medal winner from the others? If we analyze them, we find there are certain qualities that are characteristic of an Olympic winner.

These are qualities we can incorporate into our own lives as we pursue excellence in any field, including spirituality. Let us take a closer look at these traits:

One-Pointed Focus

Olympic heroes focus one hundred percent on the goal. Their entire life is based on the ruling passion of winning their goal. They are not wishy-washy. They do not drift from one thing to another.

They set a goal and they stick to it without wavering, focusing all their attention into that one activity. They are focused on not just participation, but winning and being the best.

Passion and Drive

Gold medalists are not lackadaisical in their attitudes. They are not working in a bored, humdrum way for their gold. They radiate passion. They are excited about what they are doing, and are full of energy and life. They wake up each day excited to perfect their skills. They are excited about getting up to go to practice. For them, it is not work; it is fun and enjoyment. Without that passion, how would they put in the time necessary to become good at their sport? Passion and drive are key ingredients in making a gold medal winner.

Time Commitment

The difference between an average athlete and a great one may rest in the time spent in perfecting the skill. Olympic winners put in the maximum possible time to perfect their sport. They are the first ones at the gym to practice, and they are the last ones to leave. They may be seen practicing even in the middle of the night. They practice on weekends; they practice on their holidays. They are consumed by the sport. The amount of time they put in is rewarded by their body being able to do what the athlete wants it to do on command.


One can have a goal and a passion for the goal and can also put in the time to be a winner. There is another important ingredient, though, to winning, and that is having the discipline to do what it takes to be the best. One can show up for practice for twelve hours a day, but it is the discipline of doing what is required during those hours that makes one a winner. There may be many repetitive drills that are not as exciting as playing the game but are needed to hone their muscles and movements. Follow the careers of the Olympic winners and one finds them following a disciplined life to realize their dreams.


Focus on Their Own Achievement

When interviewed about their plan for winning, those gold medal winners often give the same reply, saying, “I have to focus on my game. I have to focus on what I do best.” They are not concerned with what others are doing.

They know that if they do what they are supposed to do they have a chance at winning. Those who do not win get caught up in what others are doing. These winners stay fixed on what they are doing and not what others are doing. In this way, they can give their best and not lose precious seconds looking at what others are doing.


Gold Medal winners have to endure physical pain, emotional pain, facing criticism of others, broken bones, or torn muscles amongst other challenges. However, they don’t let these setbacks stop them.

These great athletes rise above their physical challenges and compete despite their pain. They have worked through the criticism of others because they stayed focused despite outer challenges. Olympic heroes persevere through all that life sends their way. Where there is a will, there is a way for winners.

Unaffected by Failure

It is easy to have a defeatist attitude when we fail at our first attempt. What sets an Olympic gold medal winner apart is that they learn from their failures. If they do not win the first time, they try again. They take that as an incentive to try even harder. They examine and analyze their failures, learning from them each time. If they fall, they get back up on their feet and try again. They do not let failure stop them. They take it as a challenge to overcome and keep going. They do not let failure sidetrack them from their goal.


Watch any gold medal winner perform and one finds an almost superhuman ability to concentrate and focus. Before they perform, they are mentally focused. They mentally rehearse the movements they must do. They visualize the task they are going to perform over and over to set their mind in gear.

They do not let anyone distract them. When they perform, they have one hundred percent attention on what they are supposed to do. This is one of the keys to going from good to great.

Spiritual Olympics

If we look at the qualities mentioned above in the field of sports, we will find they also apply to spirituality.  In the physical Olympics there can only be one gold medalist, but in the field of meditation and spirituality each of us can win the gold medal. Winning the gold medal means meditating on the inner Light and Sound, and soaring on the current of Light and Sound to realize the soul’s merger in God. It is not restricted to an Olympics every four years—we can participate in this Olympic 24/7 and can attain it at any time. The questions are: Why wait? Why not start now and complete the course now?

We can all be gold medal winners on the spiritual journey. We have but to follow the blueprint for success.

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