Serving God’s Creation

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

Every evening, a family sat down to dinner and said prayers over their food. The father concluded the prayer by asking that God come to the table as a guest of the family and bless their food. Each night the father closed the prayer with the same words before they could start their dinner. His young son listened attentively to this prayer every night.

One day, the boy asked his father, “Why do you keep asking God to come every night when God never comes?”

The father had no reply, but managed to say, “Well, Son, we will just keep waiting. I am sure that God hears our invitation each night.”

“Well, Father, if you really expect God to come for dinner, how is it that you never set a place for God at the table? If you really want God to come, then we should set a place for the Lord.”

The father was embarrassed by the boy’s keen observation and questions. To put a stop to his questions, he set a place at the table for God. He put down fine silverware, a plate, a napkin, and a glass.

As soon as he had finished setting the table, there was a knock on their door. The boy was excited thinking that God had come. When he opened the door, he found a small young homeless boy standing at the door. He was shivering because it was freezing outside. The son was at first shocked because he expected to see God. But then he thought for a moment and said, “I guess God could not come today so God sent this boy instead.”

“Come on in,” he said, and he sat the boy at God’s empty place at the dinner table.

This anecdote is a reminder that we never know in what form God will come to us. Many only want to serve God directly. We do not realize that it is also God’s work to serve God’s creation. Each day, life presents us with opportunities to help others. When we help others, we are helping God’s children.

All are a part of God. When we turn someone away, we are turning away one of God’s children. How can we expect God to be pleased with us when we do not help one of God’s creations?

Spirituality is being sensitive and attuned to the needs of others. While we try to progress spiritually through our meditation, we should start expanding our hearts to include all creation as one family. We will find that without wanting anything in return for ourselves, we will begin to serve from our own hearts. When we do so, we will find that we have truly earned God’s pleasure.

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Sant Rajinder Singh Ji sos.orgSant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj is internationally recognized for his work toward promoting inner and outer peace through spirituality and meditation. He is the spiritual head of Science of Spirituality and travels throughout the world teaching people how to meditate on the inner Light and Sound, leading to peace, happiness, and joy.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji has presented his powerful yet simple technique of meditation to millions of people throughout the world through seminars, retreats, conferences, and multimedia. A best-selling author, his blogs, videos, news releases and inspiring spiritual quotes are featured on the website for Science of Spirituality: For more details and upcoming public programs see here.

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