Meditation: Keep At It

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

Have you started the practice of meditation only to give up after a few attempts? While meditation can help us become more patient, what many don’t realize is that the process of meditation also requires us to be patient. We must learn to persevere and be steadfast in our efforts.

Daily care nourishes the soul

Meditation is like planting a garden – a garden of the soul, wherein we nurture the seed of our soul, which requires daily care to fructify. As we connect with the Light and Sound of God through meditation, we provide all that our soul needs to fructify.

It is up to us to water the seed of our soul with daily meditation so that it can grow, even though we may not see the fruits of our efforts right away. Each time we sit for meditation, we should continue, whether we get the results we want that day or not. We should continue our practices no matter what the results are.  Sooner or later, our efforts will be rewarded. We should do our best and leave the results to God.

Day after day, the seed is fructifying.


We need to have patience. We may not see the results right away, but we should do our job and meditate accurately. Then, one day, the results will appear. The seed of our soul will sprout. Suddenly, vistas of Light will open for us within, and we will embark on the inner journey. Through constant effort, prayer, and patience, we will find success in our meditations.

Thus, as we meditate and develop spiritually, we need to guard against becoming impatient. We must put down strong roots so we do not give up the first time any winds of difficulty blow.

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