Spiritual Lessons from the Stars

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

When we look up at the night sky and think about how far away all the stars and planets appear, we may feel small and alone. The universe is so large and we are so small. However, our body contains the entire macrocosm; it is the residence of God. God is within us. Thus, we are not alone. Our physical body may be small, but our soul is one with God.

Many spiritual truths come to mind as we gaze at the night sky. One is the realization that we are mortal, that we do not know where we come from and where we will go when we take our life’s last breath. This makes us pause in our busy life.

It is only then we realize this life is transitory that we start to turn our attention to something lasting. We begin to wonder about the immortality of our soul and God. Such thoughts create a stirring within us that awakens us spiritually.

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Making the Most of Our Time

We also realize that the time with our loved ones is precious. We look at those we love, whether our parents, our children, our spouses, or our friends and know that this moment of time when we are together will not last. It may make us value those we love more and recognize how important they are to us.

We often take those we love for granted until it is too late, and after they are taken from us, we feel we should have told them or shown them how much we loved them. Often we are kinder to strangers than to our own loved ones.

Yet, each heart is longing to feel loved and cared for. Each person needs to hear from loved ones that he or she is loved, valued, and appreciated. It is not to boost their ego but is an expression of love for one another. As people look up at the stars at night, they may begin to treasure those with whom they are witnessing this celestial sky show.

We can gain another spiritual truth from the stars. At times we are awestruck by how close they appear. However, billions of people overlook an even greater sight to behold. God is closer to us than the stars and planets. Everyone is gathering to view the stars, but how many gather to witness God?

God does not need to be seen from millions of miles away or with a telescope. God is not even one mile away. God is within us, nearer to us than our beating heart, and is in our very breath. God does not orbit away from us but instead is appearing within us at every moment of our life. It is only we who do not take the time to find God.

Gaze at the Stars Within

God is all the planets, stars, universes, and realms of creation combined. What greater sight is there to behold? Yet how many look for the Creator?

We find people going out in the wee hours of the morning to look at stars, but how many awake in the wee hours of the morning to look within to find God? We are excited about looking at the stars outside, but they are only specks of visible light rays radiating to us from millions of miles away.

If we want to see really spectacular sights, we should behold the brilliant and dazzling colors and light within.

As we gaze at the night sky, let us realize the spiritual messages the stars bring.

  • One, we are not going to be here forever. We should make the best use of our time.
  • Two, we should value the loved ones with whom we share our lives.
  • Three, far greater than the sight of seeing stars without, we can see the glory of God within.

Through meditation, we can enjoy a better spiritual vista than any that are possible in this outer world. As we sit in meditation to see not only the stars, moon, and sun within, let us also see the Light of our soul and the Light of God within.

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