Heal the Soul through Meditation

By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

Our soul lives in a state of truth, bliss, and love. It is naturally whole and healthy. What is unhealthy, however, is that we have forgotten our soul. We are oblivious to who we are as soul. Instead we identify with our mind, body, and the world to such a great degree that we have lost sight of an essential part of who we are, our spiritual side.

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Being unconnected with our inner core or soul causes pain. The pain may manifest as a continual restlessness for something of which we are not aware. We rush around trying to find happiness in outer pursuits and are confused when the happiness we thought we would gain eludes us. We know there is something missing, yet we know not what it is.

soul is content meditation RajinderWhat we are searching for is already within us. That which can bring us happiness is our soul. For some, the inner restlessness is a desire to understand the mysteries of life. Sometime in life, we may begin to question: Who are we? From where did we come and where do we go after this life? What is our purpose in life? Is there soul? Is there God? Without definite answers to these questions, we feel uneasy at times. We want to know the answers but do not know how to find them.

Meditation for Spiritual Awareness

There is a simple solution to help us recognize ourselves as soul and thus function as a whole human being. That technique to connect with our soul is through meditation.

In the stillness of the meditation practice, we withdraw our attention from thoughts of the world, our body, and our mind. When we sit in the quiet, we experience our soul.

As we identify with the soul, we then begin to perceive through our spiritual awareness. We gain awareness of the answers to those questions that have been perplexing us throughout our life.

We begin to understand that we are more than the body and mind; we are soul, filled with spiritual gifts far more valuable than any we can attain in this world. We become at peace because we learn the answers to the mysteries of life and death, and we know that we will survive beyond the demise of our physical body. We experience love, peace, and eternal happiness. A whole new world opens up to us.

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