Stay Focused on Peace Within through Meditation

By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

The outer world floods our brain and senses with a continual stream of data input. Messages from the environment around us flow into our brain, which then processes it. Nonstop competition from the outer world grabs our attention. What should we do to find peace?

What happens when the input we receive daily is predominantly information filled with things that upset us, trouble us, or put us into states of fear?

The good news is that we have a choice about where to put our focus. We can decide whether to focus on what is negative or on what is positive. We have free will to determine what input we want to have flooding our being.

Place of Calm Within Us

One solution is to fill ourselves with the peace already within us. We have a place of calm inside us all the time. It is free from the problems and conflicts of the outer world. It is like a sea of tranquility that lies in the stillness within us. We can dip into those healing waters anytime we want through meditation.

Meditation allows us time each day to turn our attention away from the problems of the outer world to swim for a while in a sea of peace. We then experience moments of bliss, joy, and happiness.

Tap Into Peace within through Meditation

While we can balance our lives while being aware of what is happening in the world outside, and even do our best to help make it a better place, we can also tap into the peace within us through meditation. We can then flood our being with bliss and joy.

When we find our own inner tranquility, we then can be a source of calm that radiates to others, to make the outer world more peaceful.

Want to Learn More?

Finding Peace in a Troubled World

How can we find peace when daily the news reports on tragedies and troubles from around the world? We can find a calm retreat within, offering relief from the pains of life through meditation.

Turning Theory into Practice

We all know that when we want to study something in this world we go to a teacher who is proficient in that subject. If we want to learn physics or chemistry we go to a teacher or a professor. The teacher will explain the theory of the subject. If the basics are clear, then we can build our whole knowledge on those strong fundamentals. The same is true of spirituality.

Stress-Free Living

Our day-to-day existence is filled with problems. Every time you solve one, a new one springs up. Pressures of life are so great that they affect you physically and mentally. It’s no wonder you find people undergoing tremendous stresses and strains. Is there any way to attain stress-free living?

Meditation Enhances Cooperation

There are two schools of thought in dealing with working with others. One says if you want something done, do it yourself and work independently. Another proposes that teamwork is needed. As modern life grows more complex, the world requires interdependence. For everything to run smoothly cooperation is needed.