January 3, 2021

Sant Rajinder Singh’s New Year’s Message in Times of India

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj ‘s New Year’s message was featured in Times of India, the leading Indian daily with the largest English subscription base in the world. It was also streamed globally and is shared through the spiritual Master’s YouTube channel and other media.

In his message for the New Year, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj urges us to pay attention to the most important aspect of our lives, the spiritual aspect. This, he says, we do when we meditate. He says meditation takes our attention away from the world outside and focuses it within. It heals the spirit. When we meditate, it is then “we recognize that we are conscious beings.”  The full message was carried in the Times of India

Excerpt from the article: New-Years-Times-of-India

We take ourselves to be the body and assume that what we experience through our physical senses is all there is to this life. As we embark on the spiritual journey, and listen to the words of saints and mystics, we awaken to the reality of our human existence. Just as there are many channels of a television, the channel of the Divine is available to us at all times. We just need to take our attention away from the channel of the physical world and direct it towards this channel. We can do this through meditation. In meditation we can experience the divine light and sound of the Supreme. We can bask in divine light, as much as we bask in the outer sunshine here on earth.

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