April 18, 2020

India Times Feature: Become an Ambassador

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, internationally known spiritual Master, has received numerous awards from civic leaders and academic institutions all over the world for his work towards peace and human unity.

In his article in this week’s Times of India (April 18, 2020), “Become an Ambassador,” he details the steps necessary for us to practice peace and unity in our own lives and explains how, through meditation, we can help to make human unity a living reality not only for ourselves, but also for the whole world.

Sant Rajinder Singh science spiritualityExcerpts from the article:

“Watch our words”

We live human unity by ensuring that our words express appreciation and tolerance for others. We need to watch our words lest we injure any heart.

“Life it through our actions”

At every opportunity, we should inspire the people with whom we work to make decisions and take actions that promote peace and unity.

“Meditation and human unity”

Spending time daily in silent meditation helps us commune with our true Self and the divine power that created us.

“Be an ambassador of human unity”

As we go about our day, let us take stock of where we stand individually and resolve to clear our heart of hatred, filling it with the sweet fragrance of love.

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