December 6, 2020

Featured Article: God’s Game of Love

What is God’s game of love? Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj answers this question in the December 6, 2020 Sunday edition of the Pioneer, one of the oldest national papers in India.

In his article, “God’s Game of Love,” the spiritual Master writes: Our life is but a game based on the law of love. It is a game in which God loves us and wants us to love God and creation back.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji’s message is simple. He says our time on earth is limited, and we should make the best use of it. “We are here to accumulate spiritual wealth.” This he defines as love for family, love for God, and what we do to express our love for humanity. He says these are the gifts we take with us into the beyond.

 According to the spiritual Master, first we experience God’s love for ourselves, then we radiate that love to all around us. He says we can play God’s game of love through meditation, the process of taking our attention away from the world outside and focusing it within. It is through God’s game of love that we experience the riches that lay latent within us, which will bring us unfathomable joy, Light and bliss.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj is head of Science of Spirituality, a worldwide organization dedicated to transforming lives through meditation. He has received numerous awards from civic leaders and academic institutions all over the globe for his work towards peace and human unity. He travels extensively, bringing the message of God’s love to people throughout the world.

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