True Valentine’s Day
is Between the Soul and God

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj


Traditionally on Valentine’s Day, February 14, people usually celebrate by showing their loved ones how they feel about them. This can be expressed through a beautiful meeting, or by giving cards, flowers, and candies. It is a time in which people honor the love they have for each other, whether partners or spouses, parents and children, or friends.

The greatest valentine relationship, though, is that of the soul and God. That is a love that never ends. It is a permanent, eternal love that elevates the soul into the arms of God. There is no greater love than that of the soul and God. The closer we come to identifying with our soul, the closer we come to have greater and greater love for God.

Valentine’s Day is more than just giving greeting cards and candy to show love. These are outer symbols. True Valentine’s Day is experienced in the heart with a burning love for God. The symbol of a heart on a card is lifeless, but the beating heart of a soul filled with love for God is brimming with life. The heart within the disciple is really the soul, burning in love for the Divine.

The outer candy made of chocolates may be sweet, but that, too, is only a pale symbol for the true sweets offered by the soul’s heart to the Creator. There is nothing sweeter than the sweetness of love in our hearts for God. This sweetness is the sweetness of the soul in love with God.

We think of outer sweets as being delicious. But there is nothing more delicious than the love of the soul for God. Love is the sweetest nectar in the world. When the love of the soul meets the love of God, there is no duality. It is love meeting love. Two become one. Love meets love and there is nothing but love.

If we take an analogy in this world—and I am sure this has happened in some households—we can get a pale understanding of losing awareness of the outer world. Sometimes a spouse is watching a television show, or the children are absorbed with their smart phones, gadgets, or computers. You try to tell them that dinner is ready, or you need them to do a chore, but you get nothing but a blank stare in return. It appears they are awake with open eyes and ears, but there is no response.

What is happening? They are awake to the outer world, but their attention is so focused on watching and listening to what is happening on their iPhones or computer that they have tuned you out. Their attention has shifted from the outer stimulus to a focused stimulus coming through an electronic or digital gadget.

Giving a valentine to God

Our attention can also be focused internally when we are deep in thought, conversing with ourselves mentally when we must make a decision, remembering something from our past, or reliving some events from our lives. During those moments when lost in thought, we are oblivious to the outer world of sight and sound.

When we develop love for God, our attention also shifts, but not to outer gadgets or the outer world. Rather, it shifts to being absorbed in the spiritual treasures within. We tune out all other problems we have. Our soul is alive to one alone, and that is the Divine.

How can we reach such a state of love that we become alive to God within us? Meditation on the inner Light and Sound is a unique type of meditation, for it allows us to tap into our treasures within and experience the love of the Divine. Meditation is like sending a valentine from our soul to God by sitting in silence to experience the Creator.

The best valentine we can give to God is to show our love for God by meditating to meet the Creator. On Valentine’s Day, while we may express a token of our love through greeting cards and candies, these are only symbols for the true heart beating within that is filled with love for God. The candies are only a symbol of the sweetness of the love of the soul for God. The true Valentine’s Day is the love between the soul and God. We can ignite that love by sitting in meditation and finding the Divine within.

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