Experience the Empowered Soul through Meditation

By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

The soul is a spark of God, and as God is love, our soul is also love, pure and simple. It is the enlivening force within us. It is a source of tremendous wisdom, love, and power, yet we remain ignorant of its treasures when we allow it to be overpowered by the mind, the senses, and the physical body. When the mind and body assert power over the soul, the soul forgets itself. By empowering the soul, we recover its natural control over the mind and senses. The empowered soul is our true nature, and it is time we reclaim it.

The rich qualities of the soul include wisdom, fearlessness, immortality, unconditional love, connectedness, and bliss. Tapping into the soul and its powers can enrich and transform our life. How do we tap in to the power of the soul? Let us first take a closer look at each of its qualities.

Unlimited Wisdom

What is “unlimited wisdom”? It is not the intellectual knowledge that we learn from lectures or books; it is consciousness. God is described as being “consciousness.” Our soul, being the same essence as God, is also consciousness. It is a “state of knowing all that is to be known.” When we access the divine wisdom, we reach a state of all-consciousness, one in which we know the answers to life’s mysteries and our purpose in life. We see life as more than a string of meaningless events and find a lesson and message in all that occurs.

Those who have tapped into their soul look at life from a refreshing perspective. Rather than be tossed about on the sea of life, dashed by every wave, empower-soul-textthey watch their life like a movie with subtitles, in which the words at the bottom of the screen let them know what is going on at the spiritual level. They may still experience the thrashing waves, but they observe them with the inner knowledge that there is reason and purpose to the particular situation.

We can look at all that happens to us through the eye of our immortal soul. When we do so, events become like passing, fleeting clouds upon the backdrop of a clear, calm, and peaceful sky. Our equanimity is preserved as we patiently wait for the fleeting events of life to cross our vision, knowing that one day they will be transformed into another scene, full of peace, joy, and love.


The soul is immortal; it knows no death. It survives the death of the physical body. Yet many people fear death because they are not aware of their immortal nature. By connecting with our soul, we will have answers to what awaits us beyond death.


empowered-soul-quote-1The soul is light and love. If we could look down on humanity from a higher vantage point we would see a light illuminating each soul, just as when we fly in an airplane at night and look down at the earth we see a myriad of lights. The light in each soul is one and the same.

God sees no distinction in any of the lights because they are all made of the same essence as the Creator. What differs is but the outer human form surrounding it. When we realize our soul, we attain the same consciousness as God. Within our outer forms is the soul.

This means that at our core we are not different. We are all love, we are all consciousness, we are all light, we are all immortality. This makes us, in effect, part of one family.


Our soul, which is totally conscious, is a part of God and, therefore, is without fear. Since God is all-consciousness, and the soul is one with the Lord, it is God in a microcosm. God is without fear, and the soul is also without fear. It is only when we are out of touch with our soul that we begin to be afraid. The soul is truth; the soul is totally conscious. Being in connection with absolute truth means there is no fear. Thus, there is no fear in the soul.

Unconditional Love

The soul loves unconditionally, because God loves unconditionally. The soul and God are one and the same. If we tap into our soul and look at the world through its eyes, we can not only love unconditionally, but also feel God’s unconditional love for us. The sun does not discriminate as to which flowers it will shine upon. It sheds its light on all equally. Thus, roses and violets, tulips and weeds all receive the same light. So it is with God’s love. It shines on us all, equally. It shines on us no matter what color our hair, skin, or eyes. When we experience our soul and begin to identify with it, we too can grow in our love of all people.


Another quality of the soul is unending, unfathomable, eternal bliss. The soul lives in a state of perpetual bliss. It is bursting with ecstasy that enraptures it day and night. It is hard to describe the intensity of this bliss. The only analogy that we can give is to think of our happiest moments in this world and multiply them a thousand-fold.

For example, there are moments of great joy when we get married, give birth, receive a promotion, are recognized for our life’s work, win a championship, save a life, or attain a goal. It may be difficult to imagine this, but the joys we may feel at these moments are but an inkling of the bliss we experience in the depths of our soul. If we can reconnect with our soul, never-ending rapture can stay with us throughout the day and armor us against the slings and arrows of life.

Meditation is the Key that Unlocks the Doorway to the Soul

We remain ignorant of these inner gifts because blockages keep us from tapping into them. How can we remove these blockages? What process do we need to employ to discover all that we seek? There are simple techniques for accessing the riches of our soul. We need not search the four corners of the earth. We need not travel into outer space. These techniques can be practiced in the comfort of our home. We need only to journey into the inner spiritual realms, through meditation.

love-light-textOnce we learn to journey within and tap into our inner resources, we can experience a profound transformation that can enrich all areas of our life—personal relations; physical, mental, and emotional health; professional work; spiritual growth; and the attainments of our life’s goals. This transformation can not only bring peace and joy to our lives, but can also contribute to a peaceful, loving world.

The Treasures Within

Within us are riches greater than any we can ever accumulate on earth. We have inside us a source of knowledge from which all other knowledge flows. A love far greater and fulfilling than any we can know in the outer world is waiting to embrace us with open arms within. At our core is a strength and power that can enable us to overcome any fear. Underlying our separateness as individuals is a connectedness and oneness to all life. Awaiting us inside is a bliss and joy so fulfilling that we need no other outer intoxicants to make us happy. All these gifts lie within us in the empowered soul. All these gifts are accessible through meditation.

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