Place of Power

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

We have within us a place of power that contains the forces of life. Many people live their lives unaware of their great potentiality. Let us discover those places within ourselves and how that untapped power can change our lives, filling us with gifts far beyond our wildest imagination.

light within showing benefits to meditationFocusing on our body

Most people live their lives thinking that they are the physical body and the mind. They identify with their body and spend a good portion of their lives tending to its needs. If we analyze human life, we find that most of our time is spent feeding, clothing, and providing shelter to the body. We go to work to earn money to take care of these basic needs. Beyond that we spend time taking care of its health, paying for medical care, and exercising to keep it fit. When we have a family, we devote time to caring for the physical needs of our children.

Taking care of our mind

The next aspect of life in which most of us spend time is taking care of the needs of our mind. We develop our intelligence and our skills through many years of school and training. We continue to develop our mind on our job or in our chosen careers and hobbies. We stimulate our mind by reading, listening to the radio and television, going to movies, having discussions with friends, and in continued learning.

Tapping into the soul

There is a third aspect to the structure of a human being that is too often neglected, yet it contains the seeds of a power that can nourish our body and mind and take us beyond these into infinite resources awaiting us. The third aspect is our soul. We think we are the body and mind, but the force that gives life to these is the soul, our spiritual side. We acknowledge the existence of a soul, but few actually tap into it and identify with it.

The soul within us is our true place of power and contains the powerful force that not only nourishes us physically and mentally, but can propel us from the gravitational pull of this physical world and catapult us into the beyond.

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Connecting with our place of power through meditation

We can tap into this place of power through meditation. By concentrating at the spiritual eye, the gateway into the inner regions, we connect with the stream of Light and Sound, the primal manifestations of God.

Through concentrating in this manner, the soul currents begin to withdraw from the body. This withdrawal is not of the motor currents which control the involuntary functions of breathing, heartbeat, blood circulation, and digestion. It involves only the sensory currents by which we perceive sensory information from the body and world. Thus, our body functions go on naturally and normally. When the sensory currents are concentrated at the spiritual eye, we see Light and hear inner Sound, and our soul embarks on the inner spiritual journey.

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