10 Ways to Stay in the Light this Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is upon us! If you’re like most people, you’re feeling a host of emotions about this fact. These emotions may range from joy and excitement about the thought of celebrating with family and friends, to stress and apprehension about the thought of celebrating with family and friends! Yes, we’ve all been there. This year, we thought we’d share our list of ten spiritually inspired ways to stay calm, grounded, and “in the light,” as you take in all that is wondrous about this special time of year:

  1. Keep things simple. Don’t have all your holiday shopping done? Can’t afford that fancy gift for your loved one? Don’t worry. Remember that the holiday season is about celebrating each other and not about the gifts under the tree. Try to find happiness in the little things.
  2. Take time for yourself. You can’t enjoy the beauty of the season if you’ve got too much on your mind, or if you’re exhausted. Start each day with a short meditation to help find your calm center and clear your thoughts. Want to learn to meditate? The holidays are a great time to start!
  3. Spread joy in abundance. The holidays are about sharing the joys of being alive and of being loved. Don’t wait for joy to come to you. Find it in yourself through meditation and spread this joy to others. Joy, when given away, comes back in abundance.
  4. Be present with your loved ones. The season is  meant for celebrating the gift of love that surrounds us. The best present you can give your loved ones is to BE present. So, minimize your distractions over the holidays. Turn off that cell phone and your instant messages and lean on your meditation practice to help you be present in the here and now. Give your loved ones the gift of your attention.
  5. Share what you love with the ones you love. Have a favorite hobby or pastime? See if your loved ones would enjoy doing it with you. Enjoy cooking? Make cookies for your friends and family. Find ways to embed things that bring you joy as you spend time with those who bring you joy.
  6. Forgive and forget. Yes, it’s the end of a long year, and we’ve probably had a few run-ins that didn’t make us feel so warm and fuzzy. Try not to take this into the New Year. Your meditation practice will help you learn to forgive. Let bygones be bygones and start the New Year with a clear heart.
  7. Smile. Sure, there may be a few surprises along the way. You may experience travel delays, your last-minute delivery may not make it in time, or you may accidentally add salt instead of sugar to your holiday cookie dough. So what? Laugh it off, try to find the silver lining, and above all, smile. It helps make everything better!
  8. Let go of expectations. Ahh, yes. Expectations—those funny things that always let us down. This holiday season, cherish the hope of good times, and let go of expectations! Give others the benefit of the doubt, and be kind to yourself. If you don’t have expectations, you open the door to being pleasantly surprised.
  9. Adopt an attitude of gratitude (all year round!). Ever notice how life feels better when you’re feeling grateful? Gratitude opens the heart so we can appreciate all the good that is around us. Remind yourself of the blessings that surround you. Everything is a gift.
  10. Embrace the deeper meaning of the season and take it with you into the New Year. The holiday season is meant to remind us of the light and love that is within each of us and that surrounds us every moment of our lives. It is a reminder for us to love all. Embrace the light within yourself and spread it to all around you. Yes, one lamp of love can illumine the world.

Here’s to a happy, joyous, blissful holiday season, filled with light and love!

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