Finding Peace in a Troubled World

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

How can we find peace when daily the news reports on tragedies and troubles from around the world? We can find a calm retreat within, offering relief from the pains of life through meditation.

Technology has knit the world together through the Internet, social media, television, radio, emails, and text messages. Thus, we can get instantaneous news reports of what is happening throughout the globe.

Sensitive hearts respond to the world’s pain

On any given day we hear of earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, fires, or people of all ages dying from disease, accidents, or crime. Those with a compassionate and sensitive heart feel the pain of the suffering that other people experience. When we feel other people’s pain we suffer. How can we find peace when there is so much sorrow in the world?

Finding Peace in a Troubled World

Making use of our time to help ourselves and others

Since the purpose of our human life is to realize who we truly are as soul and realize the Divine who created all, we need to stay focused on that goal to achieve it in our lifetime. With time being short, we only have a limited number of years to achieve that goal. Thus, we need to make priorities so that we do not run out of time before we realize the Divine. One way to do this is to choose wisely how to spend our time.

If we were to read or listen to the news of all the events taking place around the world, our entire day would be spent in that endeavor. We would never get time to invert our attention within through meditation to see for ourselves what lies beyond this physical life.

Meditation brings relief from pain

People peace happiness for meditation

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Our first priority should be spending time in meditation. In meditation we find a place of peaceful retreat within us. During that time we are engulfed in bliss and joy far greater than any we know in this world. We are elevated to a place far removed from pain and sorrow.

When we come out of meditation, we are pulsating with loving energy and peace. We then can radiate it to others. We spread that peace by our very presence, bringing calm and relief into the lives of those around us. If each person were to meditate and radiate peace to others, it would not be long before peace would spread and bring relief from pain to people all over the world.

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