Realize Our Connectedness

By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

The following exercise is an analogy that can give us a sense of connectedness with all life. Picture a drop of water. Picture a stream flowing close by. The drop is pulled into the stream and merges into it. The stream enters the ocean as your soul connects with the ocean of life.

Saints and spiritual Masters have spoken of the merging of the soul with the eternal ocean. Because our language is inadequate to describe an experience beyond the intellect, they have resorted to analogies. Thus, a common motif is the image of the drop merging with the ocean or a ray of light merging with the sun. Where there were two, there is now only one.




Realization of the soul precedes union with God. We must first identify with the soul instead of with our mind and body. It is only when we can experience our soul that we can refocus our attention from the doorway of the world to the doorway of the spiritual regions. The soul can then travel through the spiritual regions to merge with God.

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