In his web broadcast today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj reminded us to focus on the true goal in our lives. If we are to fulfill the purpose for which we have this human existence, we should remain focused on our goal and be sincere and regular in our efforts.

Along with leading ethical lives and practicing daily meditation, it is important that we behave in a manner with others such that we “live and let live.” Often, said the spiritual Master, we assume that our understanding is perfect; we judge others through our limited vision and find fault. Then, to help them, we enforce our thoughts and ideas on them, not realizing that doing so does not help either party.

When we assume that we are better than others and that we know what is good for them, we fuel our ego, which is detrimental to our spiritual progress. When we are forceful in our actions, we may hurt others and create turmoil that disrupts the peace for everyone.

Contrary to what we may believe, we cannot claim to fully understand anyone else’s situation unless we have walked a mile in their shoes, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said. Each of us has his or her own trajectory back to God, and while we should strive to be of service when help is needed, the only person we should focus on correcting is ourselves. We should work earnestly to weed out our failures so that we can better our lives. When we remain focused on the goal and steer away from distractions, we take steady steps toward uniting our soul with God. This brings peace and calm not only to our own lives but also to everyone around us.