Soul Loves All Unconditionally

By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

The soul’s love is unconditional. It knows no discrimination, no prejudice, and no separatism. Our soul is loved unconditionally by God. We, in turn, can reflect that love and radiate unconditional love to those we meet.


There are few examples of unconditional love in our everyday relationships. In examples of the greatest love relationships in the world, there always seem to be some conditions placed on them. In the parent’s love for a child, there are expectations. The parent may want the child to behave a certain way. When the child grows up and the parent grows old, there may be expectations that the child will care for the parent. Thus, the love is not entirely unconditional.

In the love between lovers and spouses, there is always some expectation that the lover will make us happy. We want the lover to provide us with the fulfillment we seek. If the lover’s behavior does not meet our expectations we may argue and fight, and in some cases even break up.


The soul loves unconditionally, because God loves unconditionally. The soul and God are one and the same. If we tap into our soul and look at the world through its eyes, we can not only love unconditionally, but also feel God’s unconditional love for us.

The sun does not discriminate as to which flowers it will shine upon. It sheds its light on all equally. Thus, roses and violets, tulips and weeds all receive the same light. So it is with God’s love. It shines on us all. It shines on us no matter what color our hair, skin, or eyes. When we experience our soul and begin to identify with it, we too can grow in our love of all people.

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The world is in need of unconditional love. Just as we wish to be loved unconditionally, so too can we love those around us unconditionally.

True love means loving everyone. Saints and spiritual Masters point out that if we truly love God, we will love all God’s children.

When we tap into our empowered soul, we can become blind to outer differences. All can be seen as one family of God, and we can learn to channel the love of our empowered soul to all we meet.

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