What is Our True Nature?

By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

Woods reflect benefits to meditation Rajinder SinghThere are two ways to view ourselves. The first is to view ourselves primarily as a body and mind. When we see ourselves in this manner, we say that we are a mind and body that “have a soul.” The second is to see ourselves primarily as a soul. When we change perspective and identify with the soul, we say that we are a soul who “has or wears a mind and body.”

If we think we are a mind and body, then ours is a journey to find the soul. If we realize that we are the soul, which has been given a mind and body to maneuver through the physical world, then our goal is to further empower the soul.
 What is our true nature Sant Rajinder Singh
We are not just a physical body, but we are also the soul or spirit behind the body. It is the soul that gives us life. When the soul is in the body, we are physically alive. When the soul leaves the body at the time of death, the body ceases to exist.
The body may perish, but the soul that inhabits it is immortal. The soul continues to exist after our physical death. The process of finding the soul is referred to as “tapping into” or “discovering our soul within us.”
When we finally do discover our soul we can identify with it as being our true nature. Then the soul is referred to as the “empowered soul,” a soul that has recognized itself and is aware that it is the essence of who we really are, that it is the guiding power behind the body and mind.
By empowering the soul, we recover its natural control over the mind and senses.

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